Monday, September 17, 2007

Dating... part three hundred and twenty-three

So I forget how many of these blogs I've written about my dating adventures. As of late, here's what I've learned:

1) Don't try to play (and assume everyone else is playing) by rules you don't understand. Every time I've tried to read into a guy's action by some sort of sex-and-the-city type of checklist, I've been wrong. Case in point: I don't hear from a guy in about a week, so I assume that's exceeded the 3-4 day limit and he's just not interested. When I run into him later that day, I act aloof because of it, and he gets the message I'm not interested. Turns out he was legitimately really busy but still interested, and we went out again this week (after I clarified).

2) Do not start conversations around serious topics. It is difficult to keep yourself in ok-philosophical area without slipping too close to the uncomfortable region. Example: Talking about how much people do or don't plan for the future. When your best example involves thinking about when in your career ambitions would be a good time to have children, this is a topic best avoided...

3) Trust your instincts. If your first date feels too much like an interview and you get that gut adverse reaction, don't ignore it. Later you'll wonder why you didn't listen to it in the first place.

4) When you do stumble across someone who you seem to have chemistry with, put a little effort in. When you're picky like I am, if you're still attracted to the guy after the 2nd date, and he hasn't admitted admiration of Zach Morris or chosen accounting as a profession, it's worth a little energy.

5) Dating is actually fun. Remember that when your instinct tells you to avoid the effort of social interaction. Learning about someone else, flirting, good food, what more could a gal want?

More on this topic later...

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dpm said...

I like your perspective on this, especially the last point. Dating an accountant isn't necessarily a bad thing though- I've survived!

Most of all, I'm amazed at your ability to fit 323 posts on dating into a mere 40+ posts in the history of the blog- that's efficiency!