Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Key West Ponderings... Part II

Ok, so back to my Key West storytelling.

4) Dr. Pete and friends. While we were relaxing by the pool a somewhat intoxicated middle aged man offered us drinks on his friend's (whom he called Dr. Pete) tab. Since he was friendly and was pretty much leaving us alone (and a lot of people were already drinking on Dr. Pete's check), on the 2nd offer we took him up on it. It seemed perfectly cool when we heard they all had kids at home and this was their 16th reunion. All was well until Dr. Pete's friend told us he was divorced and started paying us more attention than desired. Then we realized why the rest of the gang held back, they were nice guys who talked to Alice about her work and about their kids applying to college in very comfortable territory. I think they wanted to distinguish themselves from our initial contact since apparently he didn't understand this whole age difference thing and appropriate conversations.

All this made me wonder, what makes someone your father's age think he has a chance with you? Why are there some men who are attracted to women who are close to their daughters' age? And for less extreme examples, how exactly does one say "you're just too old for me"?

5) The Mariners. Yes, all our groups of guys have codenames, how is this different than any other guy I meet :P The mariners were the two guys who took us parasailing, one in his twenties and one in his early thirties. The younger one was pretty hot, and definitely enjoyed saying things like, "If you want to remove your clothes, now is a good time to do it", and overall just messing with us. The older one was friendly too and taught us how to tie a good knot, and they both took us on an extended tour of the harbor and swimming after we finished.

We met up with them later that night, and went to check out a country bar (yes, even key west has country bars). Except somehow it ended up being just the younger one and a couple of his friends, one of whom is officially the most boring person to talk to that I have ever met (and somehow I got stuck talking to him for extended periods of time). Now, don't get me wrong, they were all nice guys, but they were mostly born and raised in key west and were content with the lifestyle they were living (take tourists parasailing/jetskiing, go out to bars, rinse, and repeat). Since boring boy didn't even know how to flirt, there were only so many conversation starters you could try before you gave up. I know this sounds pretentious, but I realized that I quickly run out of things to say to someone who has little ambition, is largely unaware of the rest of the world, and is unable to participate in any sort of intellectual conversation. Is that a bad thing?

Anyways, overall there were some pretty obvious perks to traveling with 3 other girls: free drinks, extended tours, interesting and friendly people... did I mention free drinks? And I got to catch up with my girls, lie in the sun, and actually relax. The only bad part was coming back :)

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