Friday, August 01, 2008

Supernatural Rats

I just got back in the country. My cruise ponderings will follow shortly, but I came across this story and couldn't help but post it to my readers. Check out the link for the full article, but to get the jist:

And it seems that there really is no end to the sneakiness of the Jews. In fact, according to two Palestinian newspapers, their mortal foe has come up with a new plan to dislocate Jerusalem's Arabs from the area -- through the medium of supernatural rats.

Yup, the fiendish Jews have been secretly breeding a new species of giant rodent which can even chase away Arab cats.

According to the reports, these rats are twice as big as yer average rat, they are ferociously aggressive, they like to attack Arab children and they breed four times more often than a normal rat.

The rats are apparently being introduced into the area by Jews "who bring them in huge cages and release them onto the streets to make living there a nightmare for Arabs".

Terrifyingly, the rats even know the difference between Jew and Arab and they leave the Jews alone while terrorising the Arabs.

yeah... I think I'll just leave it at that.

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