Thursday, December 28, 2006

Second Thoughts

How is it that guys think that a 2nd thought is a complement? I mean, seriously. In the past week, I've been repeatedly the subject of the 2nd thought. "What do you say if we're too picky with the opposite sex that we be each other's backup?"

Backup??? I mean, I know that people make that kind of promise often so that they feel they have an out if their future doesn't seem to hold what they hope for, but seriously. Do I look like a backup??? Yes, we get along well, but for me to want to end up with someone, I sure as hell hope he's not "settling" for me.

Another friend of mine told me his female friends were rooting for him to pursue me. Now why on earth would I want to know that??? If something were to work, I would hope your friends weren't the reason you finally grew some balls. Did they convince you to lower your standards? I mean, as a friend, I'm glad they have a high opinion of me and my life, but why do you need peer pressure to realize what a great person I am. All modesty aside, I would hope that you appreciate your friends for how great they are and what they bring out in you. At least, that's what I do.

I think perhaps that's a major reason why I'm still single. Why the heck am I going to enter a relationship with someone if I'm just another girl? Maybe it's too idealistic, but I want to be wanted, needed, appreciated for who I am as a person. Call me picky if you will, but that's the way I expect to feel about a guy, and vice versa. If not, what's the point of a relationship?

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Amanda said...

Just to clarify: As a friend I like to be seen as reliable. As something more, I don't play second fiddle. Actually, as a friend, I don't like being thought of as being around when you want me to be. I would hope that you'd actually want to make an effort to hang out with me