Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years

This new year's eve focused on the same central debate it does every year: go out to a big party, or stay in at a house party. I think most people tend to feel strongly for one or the other, but for me, I'm always torn. I mean, I love going out dancing and the like, and there's a certain appeal for the lights and glamour of a big club surrounded by hundreds of new found friends counting down to midnight together.

On the other hand, at a big club you can't really talk much to your friends, and you have to worry about transportation. Not only do you have to find designated drivers or hail cabs, but you have to trust on the road some other drunk driver isn't going to injure you. Staying at a house party has that personal appeal, and you usually have offers to crash there.
Bela will post photos soon, so feel free to check them out when she does :)

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Bela Naomi said...

yeah baby...someone knows me too well. This weekend was fun Amanda =)
The pictures actually aren't posted on my blog - they're posted here: