Friday, March 30, 2007

Human Rights?

Finally, someone stood up to the ridiculous and irresponsible behavior of the UN human rights commission. In the 6 months since this "new" commission has been in effect, it has ignored the blatant human rights abuses in Sudan, China, Iran, Syria, and every other country in the world. It has ignored the purposeful targetting of civilians by Hamas and Hizbullah, or the internal chaos in the palestinian territories that has claimed more palestinian lives than anything israel has done. Yet Israel it has singled out for criticism and has issued 8 pronouncements against it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, or even if you do, click on the link and see the speech.

His critique was apparently inadmissable, because of course the comission did not like to hear its bias put in the spotlight. Even more the reason to make sure you and those you know hear it.


Anonymous said...

Seeing as the human rights council is made up primarily of countries with dictatorships or less-than-quasi democracies, it is not surprising that they choose to focus their energies on Israel. Members of this council include Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Cuba, Nigeria, Pakistan, CHina, Djibouti, Cameroon etc.

Members do *not* include the U.S., Israel, Australia, and many other countries that do not have such outstanding records of abusing their own people (Guantanamo notwithstanding.)

See a list of member states here:

This might be an example of whay many people (particularly right-leaning ones) often discount the UN.

Matthew said...

hey. i'm glad you put up a link to your blog in your away message :)

anyway, i fall into the group "discounting the un." That rights council is just one of many aspects making the UN so laughable. In this case, however, it is fortunate that their enforcement abilities are effectively nil and therefore these claims are absolutely meaningless. When nations are in blatant defiance of UN rules, there are no consequences. Israel has a long way to go before becoming concerned about the UN.
Meanwhile, there are better ways America could spend $3b than sending money to this corrupt, anti-American, anti-Israeli organization. Every dollar we send them is an American taxpayer's dollar taken by force of law that could be used for our own needs or at the very least given directly, as charitable Americans, to support foreign causes. Instead America provides the majority of the funding for corrupt and ineffective organizations like the world food program and any positive result is credited to the UN.
to say nothing of their occupation of prime manhattan real estate :)