Sunday, March 11, 2007

Running of the Brides

This past Friday I participated in the Running of the Brides (ROTB), to help my fellow labbie Kate find a wedding dress. For those of you who don't know what ROTB is, it is a big publicity event for Fillene's Basement where they mark down wedding dresses between 69%-91%, and have racks full of them. Now, instead of calm perusing through the aisles, brides-to-be and helpers wait in line overnight to get first crack at the dresses. Within the first minute or so of having been let in the store, all the dresses are grabbed of the racks. Then a massive trying them on and bartering process begins. Dressing rooms are rarely used, and you have to protect the dresses you have or someone might take them out of your hands. Craziness, I tell you!

With Kate, we had a team of 25 helpers, almost all grad students (about half males) looking for an entertaining time and a reason to miss some time at work. Thus, Operation Overkill commensed. Ridiculous to the extreme, we all had red visors on (as you can see in the photos), one guy was wearing a tux and another in his sky-diving getup complete with helmet cam. As the event itself is utterly ridiculous, we catered to it. We had walkie-talkies, designated barterers, security guards and official preferred traders. And we were first in line, with many members of the Red Raiders being interviewed by the Q100 folks, and them giving Kate her dress for free. I've pasted some links below, the first of which is the footage from Shane's helmet cam. Check it out!


Crazy Guns said...

LMAO. Dude that's funny as shit!!! Nothing like heavily discounted clothing CATASTROPHE. Tell your friend he did GREAT with the helmet cam.

Bela Naomi said...

that is hilarious!!! I had no idea this existed. One day far from now, I'll have to do that myself =) I am counting on you as an experienced runner for that day!