Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Until they love their children

It seems odd to me that now, after Fatah has formed a unity alliance with the terrorist group Hamas and not one of the quartet's demands have been met, the western world is pushing for more talks between Israel and the palestinians. The Saudi Initiative, Rice's "new horizon" talk is just fluff, and attempt to win some points with one country or another. The reality is that the surrounding people are not ready for peace.

A wise person once said that until they love their children more than they hate us, there will never be peace. Today, I can't help but belief this, in both the Israeli conflict with the palestinians and the more general worldwide terrorism from distorters of Islam. For instance:

1) Last week, terrorists in Iraq used CHILDREN as a shield to get their car through a security checkpoint. They then proceeded to blow up the car with the children in it.
(click here for details)

2) The official school curriculum for palestinians teaches them that Israel doesn't have a right to exist, that it is their religious duty to expel the zionists, that jihad, sacrifice and death are the means by which to do it. They raise their children in a culture of violence and death, instead of love and peace. (see here for more details)

3) The Hamas TV just surfaced the video of the 4 year old daughter of a recent terrorist singing her mother's praise and wishing to follow in her footsteps. What parent in their right mind wants their children to grow up wanting to kill themselves in the name of G-d, and take as many lives as possible? (see here for more details)

Until the palestinians and the greater Muslim middle east start to speak out against child matyrs (Shahids), stop indoctrinating their children with hate, and start to teach them nonviolence, it matters not what fiery politicians do. In short, until they love their children more than they hate Jews and the western world, there's nothing anybody can do.


Matthew said...

I don't know what level of controversy you like in your blog, but I'll start testing...

The problem here is that negotiating with any Palestinian organization is useless. You can either negotiate with groups including Hamas whose founding principle is the destruction of Israel or ignore them and negotiate with those who can not control the terrorists. The former is inherently impossible. There is no compromise to reach. Hamas and other jihadists active against Israel do not have a goal of a Palestinian state, reparations for refugees, etc. Those are goals that could be negotiated. Their goal is the destruction of Israel and there is no possible compromise. They will always work toward that goal regardless of what else they are given.
Eventually it all comes back to eliminating these groups. While it's a beautiful thought that they might one day love their children more than they hate Israel, the reality is that they will obtain wmd's long before that. So if you're Israel, how do you eliminate these groups before they eliminate you?

Amanda said...

Controversy is welcome as long as it's respectful. And yeah, I don't know the answer as to how to eliminate those groups. Moreso, if they are eliminated, will what remains be any better?

Matthew said...

well, there's an obvious answer to eliminating those groups, but nobody ever wants to say it. no country has sufficient resources to sort through every muslim in the middle east and determine if he's a terrorist or not. eventually when they get big enough weapons, they'll use them and if any westerners are left, i'm sure they'll be very proud they were politically correct.