Saturday, March 31, 2007

Breaking and Entering

So Friday night Avital and I went to services at Or Hadash, which was meeting in a nice new Jewish day school (Weber). Afterwards we proceeded to one of the congregants homes for dinner, and decided to take only one car there so we could talk on the way. At 11pm when we went to pick up Avital's car, we find out the gate to the school is locked, and there's a tall fence around the perimeter.

Well, crap, what were we supposed to do? After brainstorming various ways we could get by without a car for a night, I notice a ledge nearby the fence, and suggest that Avital could jump the fence and get to her car. (After all, the gate will open for a car on the other side) When she was timid and suggested I do it, I took the bait. As I'm on the ledge analyzing how best to hoist myself over (mind you, this is rather difficult to do in heels and a long skirt), a cop car pulls up.

After chiding us that we could go to jail for breaking in, and asking numerous questions to validate our story, the guy lets us off the hook. Granted, a couple of Jewish girls in long skirts are not the most intimidating looking burglars, so this wasn't so much of a suprise. Except for 1 thing- he doesn't know how to get Avital's car other than the way I suggested. So he consents to letting me try scaling the fence again. Upon careful analysis and hoisting my skirt (partially flashing the empty building), I clear the fence with a quick hoist. Except for 1 slight problem: my skirt gets caught on the way down. At this particular moment, 2 other cop cars chose to pull up and catch the spectacle. Apparently the initial cop forgot to dismiss the backup.

The good news is that after unhooking myself (partially tearing the outer skirt), I managed to get to Avital's car and get it out of the gate with no further incident. As for the cops, I can only imagine what they were thinking. Who would've thought their breaking and entering radio would involve two very innocent looking girls attempting to do what their long skirts were not designed to do? We must've made for some entertaining donut shop talk that night, that's for sure :)


Xiao said...

LOL this is a hilarious story!! Something I would do too though, haha. Yay I love manda.

Bela Naomi said...

haha I can totally see the two of you doing's why:'s%2024th/index.html

Crazy Guns said...

LOL.....yeaaaaaaaaah. The cops were proally thinking "Jew cooter." Or maybe they were thinking about bagels and instead of going to get doughnuts later they got bagels LOL. I think I could go for a bagel right now.